Welcome to our "20plus15" Green Capital Project Page.

we offerED free video and audio-recording services to under-the-radar Green Capital-related Events and Projects.

A very welcome Bristol Green Capital grant made it possible for us to offer free or subsidised media-making services to a maximum of 35 Bristol projects or groups participating in the 2015 European Green Capital year. 

Running throughout the year, our "20plus15" project aimed to support a majority of the city's under-the-radar environmental initiatives with no or low cost video, audio or webcast assistance for their events, projects or campaigns. The grant enabled us to offer our services free to a maximum of 20 unfunded groups while up to 15 funded projects benefited from a significant saving too. 

Now that the project has ended, you can view our videos and event-recordings on our YouTube channel or hear the audio on our Bristol Green Podcast website.