About Us

EMC deploys a team with almost 100 years' worth of media-making expertise.

Clients benefit from our wide technical knowledge of today's most relevant online and social media tools, techniques and strategies. We also offer a deep understanding of business from the perspective of social enterprise and purpose-driven organisations.We help clients amplify the achievements which deserve more attention. 


We're a small and nimble team of media-makers based in Bristol with experience gained at some of the world's most respected broadcasters and best-known festivals and events. From the BBC to the SABC, from Glastonbury Festival to Fair Trade Cities and European Green Capital, we take everything we know and put just the relevant bits at the disposal of our clients.

Whose Idea Was It Anyway?

The EcoMedia Collective was created in 2011 by Kyle Hannan, a native of Cape Town who made his home in the Bristol region at the start of the new Millenium. After growing up in countries across Southern Africa, he mothballed his University qualifications for the Diplomatic Service and instead became a club and radio DJ. With over 30 years' experience as a radio broadcaster/media consultant turned part-time social entrepreneur, Kyle established EMC as a social enterprise in 2011.

Legal Status and Responsibilities

EMC is registered in the UK as a Community Interest Company #07521090. This means we're legally a 'not for personal profit' business governed by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies and required to submit annual Company returns, accounts and reports which prove how we've helped communities. As such, we're also subject to an 'asset lock' and other legal stipulations that ensure we're prioritising our communities rather than ourselves.   As a social enterprise without shareholders, revenues from our commercial activities make it possible for us to deliver on our social benefit objectives. This means we can often offer subsidised media-making services to the community groups we've chosen to work with. For more, see our SoundShareChange page. 


 Objective: to build bridges between divided or isolated communities by using audio and online media to make important conversations more discoverable, shareable and beneficial.

Mission: To take valuable dialogue 'beyond the room', helping communities profit directly by sharing the sounds of their successes online to drive measurable social change

The 'Collective'

 Who Are They?  In a nutshell, a pretty amazing bunch of freelancers and direct employees! We draw on a skilled talent pool to deploy the most appropriate members of our team to deliver services quickly, easily and effectively.  This means we offer a wide variety of expertise in the new media, broadcast, social enterprise and non-profit sectors here in the UK.In addition, where our projects or clients require a more global angle, we enjoy access to an international network of freelance contributors and consultants in the UK, Europe and theUSA.