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Scroll down the page to watch our archive of video recordings from the 9th International Fair Trade Towns Conference held in Bristol during July 2015.  You can also download and listen to the audio-only versions by clicking on the links alongside the video box. 

These recordings are provided by Bristol Fairtrade with the support of Bristol 2015 and the Fairtrade Foundation. It was produced by the Ecomedia Collective. For more information, please visit

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The afternoon provided delegates with an overview of how and why Bristol won the EU Green Capital Award, the role of partnership and cross-sector collaboration, previous achievements and future Bristol BCC initiatives, the role of civil society leaders and projects in the city, and future sustainable goals for the city.

It was also about celebrating Bristol’s 10 year anniversary as Fairtrade City, and how Bristol exemplifies leadership and commitment to working in partnership to promote and support people and businesses to make positive, sustainable and socially conscious choices.

In addition to providing a live stream, the conference team also arranged for recordings to be made of all keynote and presentation sessions.

(Please note that downloadable audio-only versions will be added shortly).

Friday Welcome to Bristol #1: Presentations at 375 Creative and "Bristol's Green Roots"

  • Jenny Foster (Bristol & South West Fairtrade)
  • Vicki Woolley (Bristol Green Capital Partnership )
  • Zoe Sear (Bristol 2015 Ltd)
  • Emmelie Brownlee (Schumacher Institute)

Friday Welcome to Bristol #2: Tour

  • Tour of Triodos Bank
  • Canal tour
  • Walk to Create Centre

Friday Welcome to Bristol #3: Create Centre Presentations &"Bristol As A Green Capital"

  • Alex Minshull (Bristol City Council) 
  • James Longhurst (University of the West of England)
  • Liz Zeidler (Bristol Green Capital Partnership)
  • Angela Raffle – Health sector representative on Bristol’s Food Policy Council, chair of The Community Farm and  Director of Transition Bristol.


240 delegates from 20 countries across the world gathered in Bristol on the 4th and 5th of July for the 9th International Fair Trade Towns Conference to explore ‘Fair Trade for Sustainability’ as part of the city’s European Green Capital major events programme.

Delegates from across Europe, the Lebanon, Ghana, USA, Colombia and Japan heard from Fatima Ismael, environmental expert from Fairtrade Co-operative Soppexcca in Nicaragua, how climate change is reducing coffee yields and threatening the livelihoods of millions of farmers in developing countries. Harriet Lamb, CEO at Fairtrade International, explained how Fairtrade is working with farmers to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change, as well as employing increasingly sustainable farming methods as part of the Fairtrade standards, to ensure resilience and sustainability in a changing climate.

SATURDAY Video #1: Welcome

  • Bristol's elected Mayor George Ferguson welcomes delegates to the International Fairtrade Towns Conference 2015.

Saturday Video #2: The Bristol Story

Jenny Foster, (Bristol and South West Fairtrade co-ordinator) shares the secrets of 'how to speak proper Brizzle' and tells the story of Bristol as a fairtrade city.

Saturday Video #3: The Business Story

  • Hazel Culley (Director of Sustainable Business, Marks and Spencer).

Saturday Video #4: The Gold Story

  • Greg Valerio, Fairtrade Jewellery Pioneer.

This includes a short film about his work which he did not have time to show during the original presentation.This video may not play in all countries due to its use of a song which is subject to copyright.

Saturday Video #5: The Political Story

  • Linda McAvan MEP (Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on International Development)

Saturday Video #6: Keynote

  • Harriet Lamb (CEO, Fairtrade International)

Saturday Video #7: Keynote

  • Fatima Ismael of the Soppexcca Co operative, Nicaragua.

Saturday Video #8: Panel Session

  • chaired by journalist Eliza Anyangwe,
  • Harriet Lamb (CEO, Fairtrade International)
  • Linda McAvan MEP
  • Greg Valerio, Fairtrade jewellery pioneer.
  • Hazel Culley (Marks and Spencer)

Wrapping Up The First Day

  • Jenny Foster (Co-ordinator, Fairtrade Bristol & SW).


A shorter day than Day 1, Sunday ended with the adoption of the 'Bristol Resolution'.

The Conference concluded with the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, and 2 mayors from Fairtrade towns in Lebanon, who had attended the Conference, signing The Bristol Resolution, committing to take one step for Fairtrade that will contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These were due to be released in September, and focus on both people and planet, just as Fairtrade does.

Another exciting announcement at the Conference came from CLAC, the Fairtrade Producer Network in the Caribbean and Latin America, who are launching a Fairtrade Towns and Villages campaign in Producer countries in these regions, recognising the importance of this movement to develop Fairtrade.

Sunday Video #1International Fair Trade Towns - Moving Forward

  • Bruce Crowther
  • Tadeusz Makulski
  • Adam Gardner (International Fair Trade Towns Steering Committee)

Sunday Video #2: Rudi Dalvai

"World Fair Trade Organisation and Fair Trade Towns" with Rudi Dalvai, President of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Sunday Video #3: The Bristol Resolution

Dozens of delegates joined the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, and 2 mayors from Fairtrade towns in Lebanon in signing The Bristol Resolution.

They committed to take one step for Fairtrade that will contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sunday Video #4:Summarising the 2015 Conference

Fairtrade Bristol & SW co-ordinator Jenny Frost sums up what it meant to host theInternational Fair Trade Towns Conference in Bristol.