Most businesses know that they need to make more use of their own media online - but 2/3 admit they don't have the time or the skills. And that's where we help.

We can start or improve an organisation's use of online media. We help them make and share video and audio recordings which show their purpose, highlight their successes, tell their stories, attract attention, engage with their communities and promote the good work they do. It's all about taking their achievements 'beyond the room. And that's where we help.


Live webcasting service for large venues, conferences, seminars and exhibitions

Ideal for any client wanting to share their live events via the internet using video or audio webcasts. Boosts engagement, deepens connections with audiences, puts the event on everyone's mobile device (or computer) and pleases sponsors. (Requires WiFi). 


Audio and video recording services for clients across the Southwestern UK.

For event planners, conference organisers, project leads and engagement managers aiming to offer event recordings, attract extra revenue with 'virtual' tickets, make lecture or presentation videos for internal use, create archives or build online courses.


Professional, effective, official podcasts series for organisations, made in THEIR voice. 

Create the agenda. Set the tone. Earn attention and lead the conversation about a particular sector, industry or niche. We can produce audio podcasts for any organisation or project which already has a strong following - or wants to create one. 


Expertise and advice when needed, where it counts. Onsite, on retainer or on demand.

The right choice for organisations in the early stages of their social media journey. We can help with consultancy and advice on relevant trends in business broadcasting and social media. We even make a podcast about it, too. (Search for 'Amplify Us' Show).


Supplement a trade or industry show with a dedicated, event-focused, live 'talk radio' station delivered straight from the heart of the action. 

Engage potential visitors and make sponsors happier. Share exclusive industry discussions from our professionally-created, popup internet broadcast desk. Concentrating exclusively on the sector, live from the exhibition floor straight to the event's official website.

Get started with 360', 3D and more

Go that extra step with basic 3D video or 360` photographs for virtual tours.  

Why stick with text and photos? Excite prospective customers with a 3D video or offer a headset-ready 360` image of a venue or business for online business listings. We've got the equipment and the know-how to make this happen, quickly and effectively.

Digital tours for tourist destinations,cultural and historic sites

Our 'wanDER' service = "What's Around Now? Digital Exploration Resources".    

Bring history to life with audio and video clips designed to be discovered, explored and enjoyed on visitors' own mobile devices. Delivered via the venue's responsive website or through QR codes physically located at relevant parts of the tour. 


Our pricingstructure

We do our best to set our pricing at a level which makes sense to smaller organisations with limited budgets and which does not compete with the established providers of corporate and enterprise-level services.

Our daily fees range from £150 to £450 per assignment and depends on...

  • complexity of services required (team size, number of advance venue visits, audio versus video)  
  • duration of the event (an all-weekend event will require more work than an evening-only one)
  • number of media files to be edited and uploaded to the internet
  • level of pre-event work required (sometimes we have to create social media accounts and pages for clients)

We are sometimes able to provide these services on a subsidised (discounted) basis if the client organisation is working to help the same community sectors as we are. For more on that, see our SoundShareChange page.