For clients who want to offer audio podcasts to their networks and communities, but don't have the time or skills to produce them.

We've been making podcasts for more than ten years, and editing audio for almost 30. We put this skill at clients' disposal, to help them get their organisation's own stories out there too, in their own voices. They don't have to learn new skills or hire a new tech team. We'll handle it all, turnkey, A to Z. 



Podcasting is growing: we'll help you stay front of mind.

WIth podcast downloads on Apple's iTunes jumping by 10X - from 1 billion in 2013 to 10 billion in 2017 -  it's clear that podcasting is becoming more and more important to the public as well as to the companies whose products and services they use. Official research backs this up.

Here in the UK, almost 5 million adults have listened and the numbers are rising.

  • Most listen on their smartphone (66% of podcast-listening adults 15+).
  • Once downloaded, people really engage with them, listening to nearly 2/3 of all their downloads).
  • They're most popular with 25-34 year olds (40% share of the demographic)  followed by 35-54 year olds at 29% share. Popularity tails off in the over-55s.
  • 2 out of 5 listeners are female, compared to radio, on demand, digital tracks and listen again which generally see a 50/50 gender split.
  • While podcasts are time shifted audio (you can listen whenever you want), the peak time when they are consumed is generally on the morning commute: their highest audience in the UK is on weekdays between 8.15 AM – 8.30 AM.

(Source: RAJAR MIDAS Winter 2016 survey.)



* create, record and distribute your own regular audio podcast series for your organisation or project.

* plan what to include and how to include it

* get advice and practical guidance on how to improve and grow your platform

*use our process to work at your own pace and in your own office anywhere in the UK while we coordinate and collect your recordings over the web.