Video and audio recordings of keynotes and presentations, effective and budget-friendly.

Public bodies, community-benefit organisations and corporate communication teams are increasingly offering downloadable media as an effective and engaging engagement tool. This creates long-term value out of one-off events and allows them to use these recordings to engage with more prospective attendees for future events.  We help make it happen.

Our on-site audio or video recordings turn a ‘one-off’ event into an ‘always-on’ resource for sharing and downloading on your organisation's websites and social media. 

  • Share or generate revenue with all the best bits of seminars, panel discussions and conference highlights as branded, post-event downloads.  
  • We edit and combine these recordings with your choice of cover art and logos consistent with everything else you do.
  • Already have your own video or audio recordings? We can edit and transform them into online downloads. creating new resources from your existing materials. 
  • Need to do something with old media recordings that were made but never finished and shared? We improve, re-edit and transform your archives, repurposed and revitalised for new online uses. 
  • We help unlock full value from what you already have to reach your communities with evergreen information whenever they need it.
  • We also provide advice and consulting if your project requires it.

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