Live online video or audio-only webcasting for events and conferences.

We can deliver this at venues across. We also offer full integration with clients' existing web and social media platforms and strategy. Monetise non-attendees via 'virtual tickets'. Convert one-off presentations into resources for your website or brand.You get on with what you do best, we do the rest.

Take it ‘beyond the room’ with our all-in-one mobile internet broadcast solution. 

If your chosen venue has a broadband connection to the internet, we're able to put your event online, as it happens. We stream conferences or seminars live via the internet with audio, video and a dedicated event web page, all tied to your organisation's own social media profile.  Where that doesn't exist, we'll create it.  

Our services include many of the following:

* portable on-site audio and video recording services

* audio feature and podcast production for websites

* live audio and video webcasting for events across the UK ​

We're the ideal partner to get you started with creating and using your own media for online use (and it'll look like you've done it all)

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