Sound / Share / Change

Since 2011 we've been dedicated to helping organisations whose positive work deserves to be shared more widely. 

That's why our company's founding documents contain a formal promise to assist a specified range of community groups. Our banner for this work is "Sound / Share / Change". You can read more about those types of beneficiary groups in our About page.

What Is 'Sound/Share/Change'?

We want to make it possible for small community-benefit organisations across the UK to maximise the number of people its work engages with. That's why we want to offer them a subsidised service that turns their public meetings, seminars and other community-focused events into recordings that can be made publicly available as properly edited, freely-hosted audio downloads.We help them record the event, then we combine, edit, optimise and package up the recordings and make them freely available online as a resource which enables their work to extend beyond the room, massively boosting engagement and impact.  This work will be supported by grant and other charitable funding sources.   

Why We're Doing This

We aim to actively enable the use of shared online media as a bridge between communities that are divided from one another or isolated from their wider society. We want to help broaden the impact of projects working to benefit society, specifically businesses working for positive social change and ecologically-beneficial ('eco' or 'green') projects. That's why our company has formally promised to deliver this ambition by including it in our Formation documents as a social enterprise.  


We've deliberately chosen a legal structure which does not accommodate formal loans, shareholders or secured assets.  Our model is super-lean and based simply on generating revenue by attracting more clients. Any growth happens only when our business-to-business services income makes it possible. And not before. No project can survive without resources. We know that every single commercially-successful organisation is balanced by several others that don't have the resources they need. That's where SoundShareChange comes in, made possible by the service fees we earn from our larger, better-resourced clients.  Income from these commercial activities make it possible for us to deliver on our social benefit objectives. This means we can occasionally offer subsidised or no-cost services to the community groups we've chosen to work with. 

Our Formal Community Commitments

 Our ambition is to dedicate up to 50% of our profits to deliver low-cost social media services which assist our chosen beneficiary community groups (BCGs). These are (alphabetically):

  • Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue Projects (e.g. ‘different faiths, shared values’ initiatives promoting community cohesion).
  • "Planet & People" Projects (e.g. eco-advocacy, pro-sustainability organisations, environmental groups and educational initiatives which actively foster our care of the natural world).
  • Refugees And Asylum Seekers (e.g new arrivals seeking better cultural, social and economic integration into host communities).
  • Social Enterprises or non-profit organisations (e.g. charities and voluntary groups helping communities across the southwest UK)
  • Socially-isolated individuals (e.g housebound by mental or other incapacities, phobias, or caring duties).

Community Advisory Group

Our 'sanity check', the Community Advisory Group is our way of keeping our fingers on the pulse of what's happening in our Beneficiary Community Groups.  Every advisor is active in, or works closely with, each of the community groups we're hoping to assist.We'll meet up over a coffee and cake at least twice a year, either individually or as a group, to find out what's happening in their sector and to discuss ways that EcoMedia might be able to help.

How We Work

  • Eco-friendly. To minimise our environmental impact, we use public transport only (where available).
  • Lean. To maximise portability, we use only the equipment we can physically carry with us.
  • Personal: we do the work ourselves, onsite, and meet with clients and venue managers well in advance.
  • Skilled. Our decades of media experience are blended with the latest social media technology skills and topped off with a deep understanding of social business on a foundation of cross-cultural awareness.
  • Within Budget. We will always deliver our services at the pre-agreed price. 
  • Invisibly. We fit in with your existing team so that our work harmonises with yours and is branded as 'you'.